Maltreatment through Problem Falsification/Deception

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Louisa is every bit as interested in identifying case situations in which an individual has been suspected, accused, or even confirmed as being a perpetrator – when indeed the person is not guilty of this behavior – as she is in identifying genuine perpetrators of this kind. Mistakes have been made throughout the world – largely due to the lack of specialized knowledge, experience and skills needed.

Louisa is not nor will she be a “hired gun” – her goal is always, to the extent humanly and legally possible, to find the truth and to make detailed recommendations in light of that truth.

Who Uses Lasher Expert Services?

  • Child Protection Agencies
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Child Advocacy Agencies
  • Public and Private Physical Health Professionals and Agencies
  • Public and Private Mental Health Professionals and Agencies
  • Public and Private Attorneys
  • Judges
  • Those Suspected or Accused
  • Those Suspecting or Accusing
  • Concerned Grandparents and Other Relatives
  • Guardians ad Litem
  • Educators/Educational Institutions

Subject Areas

Child or adult maltreatment (abuse and/or neglect) through deliberate problem falsification/deception:

  • Munchausen by Proxy
  • Factitious Disorder by Proxy
  • Malingering by Proxy
  • Pediatric Condition Falsification
  • Deliberate tactics to alienate
  • False Allegations
  • Physical Abuse – Emotional Abuse – Sexual Abuse – Various kinds of neglect
  • Other terms that mean the same or similar or are related

Examples of Educational Programs Provided

(from one participant to groups of any size, and specially designed to fit needs...)

  • Full day introduction to identification, intervention, and case management
  • Advanced investigation and determination
  • Advanced intervention and case management
  • Further advanced training for those who are working toward becoming an expert in this subject area
  • Further advanced training for those who have served as experts in this subject area but want to acquire further education and skills
  • Conference addresses
  • Talks to various kinds of classes or courses of study
  • Education via telephone conference call during urgent situations that cannot wait

Examples of Case Specific Services Provided

  • Investigation, Determination, Opinion, and Case Recommendations
  • Second opinions
  • Case consultation with investigative agencies
  • Case consultation with individual professionals suspecting this kind of maltreatment
  • Case consultation with situation non-professionals suspecting this kind of maltreatment – mothers, fathers, grandparents, and other relatives
  • For attorneys – education, case consultation, and technical assistance of various kinds
  • Other services as needed

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